'Midnight Sun' is finally here and 'Twilight' fans have already started binge-reading it

It's been 12 long years since the last book of the "Twilight" series came out, meaning high schoolers that once classified themselves into #TeamJacob or #TeamEdward are now working adults. But no amount of time could rid fans of Stephanie Meyer's books -- and their subsequent movie adaptations -- of their enthusiasm for the vampire series. On Tuesday, Meyer's new book "Midnight Sun," which reimagines the iconic love story from Edward's perspective, hit shelves. And just as Edward jumped up the trees with Bella on his back (who can ever forget that spider monkey line?), "Midnight Sun" has already leaped up to #1 on Amazon's bestselling books. "Midnight Sun" was supposed to be published after the 2008 release of "Breaking Dawn," the last book in the original series, which was adapted into a successful movie franchise featuring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But then, an unedited manuscript was leaked, putting the book on hold. In May, Meyer teased the novel's release when a mysterious countdown appeared on her website. When it was released on Tuesday, it would be an understatement to say that fans were eager to get their hands on the 672-paged book. "ITS HERE," one fan tweeted with a photo of the book. "The binge-reading stars now." "Who is ready to go back to being 12 years old again?" another person tweeted with pictures of the book and the "Twilight" soundtrack playlist on Spotify.